Hi, I’m Steven!

I’m an industrial designer since 2018 and I work in my studio in Paris where I develop objects mostly with glass foam from waste sources.

I strive towards an experimental design approach that blurs the boundaries between science and design. New materials and processes are becoming more and more critical in the realm of industrial design. My passion for these challenges has enabled me to create thought provoking, sustainable and radical objects.

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︎ Have waste that you would like to transform into amazing products? Perfect, I can help you. Here is my material design approach:

  1. Tests and experimentation in my studio: Observations of the materials visual qualities and interesting properties. Exploration of shaping and possible applications.

  2. Creating a prototype and 3D renderings

  3. Finding a manufacturer to upscale production

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︎︎︎ Enquiries for circular design workshops.We recycle glass waste and turn them into cool objects! Location: Villette Makerz, my studio in the middle of the Parc de la Villette in Paris.

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