Magnetic joinery

Acrylic and recycled metal filing joinery


Hi! I'm Steven,

a scientifically drawn designer seeking new challenges.


"foamation" Suspended lamps

Archive objects

Glass foam vases

Further exploring light difusion with glass foam

Glass foam failed tests and offcuts compositions

Vases from recycled waste glass

E. rubrum fungi activity bracelet

Research and experimentation

Acoustic tiles v2

The more you sweat, the faster it grows!

Various glass foam trial objects

Glass foam Sound dampening wall tiles

SA005 and SA006



Blown Pyrex glass and glass foam night lamps

Glass foam humidifier

Glass foam Sound dampening wall tiles

SA101 whetstone 

Self-sufficient cooktop for student housing

Glass foam coffee cup

Glass foam knife sharpening whetstone

Magnetic joinery

Flexible silicone webcam covers

Thought provoking publishing about modern day science and technology

Recycled metal filing and acrylic joinery

Various CAD models and 3D renders



Paris Design week 2020

September 3rd - 9th 2020,

Galerie Joseph, Paris

France Design week 2020

September 1st - 15th 2020,

Boutique Perene, Rennes

No time to waste

February 6th 2020 - October 4th 2020, Ducth Design Hotel Artemis, Amsterdam

nuits d'hiver

December 6th 2019 - March 1st 2020, Galerie de Rohan, Landerneau, France

dutch design week

October 17th - 27th 2019, Yksi Expo, Eindhoven

AFK's three package deal end presentation

August 30th 2019, VondelCS, Amsterdam

The glass delusion live

July 21st 2019, DordtYart, Dordrecht

Design on air

June 23rd - October 13th 2019, Grand Hornu, Mons, Belgium

Escales bretonnes

June 1st - October 6th 2019, Chapelle des Ursulines and Maison des Archers, Quimperlé, France.

Internships and jobs

- Product and industrial design for clients from around the world (USA, Australia, UK, France...) for products such as an electric scooter, a wine decanter, surfboards, an eReader/tablet for children...
Approach: client briefing, brainstorming, benchmarking and trendhunting, sketching, 3D modeling, 3D rendering and technical blueprints.



Freelance DESIGN projects

September 2018 - Today. Paris

- Design of an integrated medical transportation system.
Process: client briefing, brainstorming, benchmarking, sketching, 3D modeling, 3D rendering and step by step scenario board, technical blueprints.

- Design of a connected medical tool through the same process.


APD Medical

December 2018 - Ongoing. Paris

- Assistance during the conception and production of ingenious projects such as modified cotton candy machines that recycle plastic waste. 

- Transcription and translation of interviews of designers for the publication Obliquité.

October - November 2018.
And May - June 2017. Paris

Collaboration with material researchers in the glass and ceramics department:
-Design research and production of glass foam household objects (Developed observed properties, tested different colors, textures and shapes, user experience testing...)

September 2017 - June 2018. Rennes, France

- UI and UX support for the development

of an app and a website (benchmarking, interviews, scenarios...)

- Proposal of an on campus connected community garden.

(defining specifications, 3D renderings, storyboard schemes...)

- Creation of a logo for an incubated startup.

April and June - July 2016. Paris


Machines and craft work

2D / UI-UX Design

- Years of practice with computer controlled machines such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and a CNC cutter


- Frequent handcraft of wood, metal, ceramics and glass


- Some practice of screen printing 

Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Sketch and Invision


Premiere, After Effects and Vegas



Rhinoceros, V-Ray and Keyshot

Some knowledge of Grasshopper and Solidworks

French and English


2016 - 2018



2013 - 2016

Rennes, France

2012 - 2013


2009 - 2012


Feel free to connect with me.

Or simply drop me a line 

Email:                  steven.akoun@gmail.com


Phone:                +(33) 7 60 42 29  01

Skype:                 Steven Akoun


5 rue des Courcieux
78570 Andrésy

Lost but not least

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